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Today, climate changing is the main issue for everyone (humans, plants, and animals). Thanks to our creature that we are humans and have the ability to protect selves by making various changes for ourselves and for others. Unfortunately, in the case of animal protection, we miss a lot of things. Like humans, animals are unable to protect their selves from any kind of change, doesn’t matter this change is climate or artificial (created). Because of the failure of animal protection management, a huge number of animals are facing the different kind of problems (health and life) on daily basis.

Fluidiam is successfully working for animal protection by receiving the donation from all over the world. A person doesn’t have an idea that how a little help will save the lives in the UK. It is a common question that why an animal needs protection? Let’s start digging it.   

Everyone has idea that the environment is changing swiftly. We are humans, in case of too cold or too hot, we use alternatives. But it’s a question mark for the states like Snag, Yukon, Canada that how they handle the things? Where the lowest temperature is minus 81. Humans overcome from these issues by using various replacements but in that case, animals suffer from different scenarios. Definitely, they need help, in the form of shelter, food, and others. It’s a chance for us to do something better for the real beauty of nature. A person’s one time or monthly donation will make a contribution to the animal shelters, to rescue the animals, especially in the UK.


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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

In the case of surviving, each species needs proper shelter, water, opportunities to reproduce, space and food. In the United States or anywhere around the world, environmental destruction or change is a primary threat to all survival species..

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Wildlife conservation or animal conservation is a simple practice of protecting animal species, their habits, and surroundings. It’s our belief that each living creature deserves a better lifestyle. In case of the animals, it is a part of our responsibilities to unite and do something better for them.

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The Importance of Wildlife Conservation

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Species like Maui’s Dolphin (total population 55), Kakapo (total number 124 approx.) and many more are suffering. It’s a golden opportunity to show your care to nature, to the animals. Fluidiam makes an objective to protect these animals. We will be thankful and grateful if you’ll join us. Fluidiam’s mission

Fluidiam’s mission is to provide shelter to the animals who are suffering because of weather or environmental change. It’s not about the Weightage of your donation, it’s about your love for animals.

You can make donations through


If you want to donate one time through a cheque, then you can easily contact us via email. Just make us sure that you are also wanting to save the lives and modernize the living standards of the animals.

A video or Audio call:

It might be a difficult exercise for anyone because sometimes callers or receivers are having language issues. But, Fluidiam makes it simple for donors by making English essential as an official language. So, nobody will have such kind of issues.

Make a gift to provide shelter:

The individuals also have an option to send a gift (money or products) for animal protection. It would be an owner for us that you are paying attention to our objective, not only paying attention but also contributing.

Ways to Give

Send a one-time donation or choose a monthly donation process, it’s up to you. We respect donner always, either they are donating or not, donating one time or on the monthly basis.