How We Work

How do we work?

Fluidiam is a platform where you are completely free to get information about animals, their care & protection. This is a logical thing that a donner always wanted to know that his or her donation is in safe hands or not. We proudly can say that we are fervently working for animal protection from a long time. So, how we work? The answer is given below;

Working on animal protection from a long time is a positive point of us. Our struggle to make animal-protection law useful is not hidden. All living things have equal rights to live free from any kind of suffering or pain.

Stand up: Fluidiam keeps an eye on the animal abusers. By investigation such cases, we stand up against abusers and show them a clear and direct message that Fluidiam will not tolerate in any case.   

Speak up: Through blogs and informative campaigns we successfully raise the awareness and care about animals. Messages about animal protection are delivered by Fluidiam to communities through different sources.

Continue struggle: when we rescue animals they start relying on us. So, it is Fluidiam’s objective to keep struggle continue for animals’ conservation and protection.

Shelter: It is our first and foremost duty to provide proper shelter to the animals. It is possible that a cat, a dog or any pet runs over and forget the way to home. In that case, you can contact and tell us about that animal. We provide shelter to the animals abused by humans or injured or endanger spices and animals (e.g. wolves, tigers, and bears) affected by climate change.

Care and rescue: As we get information about animals from any source, Fluidiam rescues them and take good care of them.

Guidelines about animals: If someone wants information about animals instead of providing details about them. They can get information from our blogs and if they want to know more details then contact our CSRs, they will better guide you.

Source of the budget: Donations made by inhabitants is Fluidiam’s main source of the budget. We collect donations from all over the world and use it in animals rehoming, shelter, rescue, care and in their health-related issues.