Animal Welfare Charity in London

Misery is a part of life. Anyone (humans or animals) can become the victim of it. Help others in their misery time period is a moral act. In this way, an individual not only helps but also save other’s life. You can also get involved in these life-saving activities partially or completely by giving donations, charities or gifting. A person can get involved in the following ways,

  • Donations
  • Charity
  • Gifts     
  • The fundraising campaign for Fluidiam
  • Volunteer


Fluidiam is the leading animal welfare organization. It is all because of your generosity that you trust us and donate otherwise it is difficult to exist. The donation is actually donation, doesn’t matter it is small or large. We respect all donners. There are two main plans for the donations,

  • Monthly donation
  • One-time donation

Monthly donation: we will grateful that your kindness is choosing monthly donation programs for animals. And if you donate one time, you will remain respected for us.


All received donations are equally used on animal welfare. With these donations, we rescue the animals, provide them shelter, food, and care. For example, your 10 dollars have the capacity to provide one day’s board for a horse, who is going through cruel treatment.


You have been observed many times that each kind-heart will always in search to help others. Other may be a human being or an animal, doesn’t matter. Mostly they prefer animals, because, animals need more help while human take alternatives by hook or by crook. We are dealing with wildlife conservation and endangered animals. Charity choice might be difficult for anyone when they have a number of options. Fluidiam understands this difficulty of its donner. That’s why we make this process easy for everyone. First, look at what amount of charity they want to spend on fundraising activities or charitable activities? Then take a look at the animals’ list and charity in the simplest way.


You can also leave a gift for the animals. Gifts are maybe in form of money or goods, it depends on you. We give hundreds of gifts to friends and the family on different occasions. It will be an act of sympathy if they also send a gift to an animal.

The fundraising campaign for Fluidiam

Are you ready for the new challenge? If anybody doesn’t have enough money to donate then, they also have the option to conduct a fundraising campaign according to their talent for Fluidiam especially for animals. Mostly fundraising activities are for rehabilitating, rehoming and rescuing hundreds of animals every year. By taking part in raising fund activities, they entered the animal-lovers group from all around the world. Together, our voice will be powerful and strong enough. Animal lovers can also conduct the following activities in their areas;

  • Swimming competition
  • Trekking
  • Running competition
  • Cycling competition
  • Creating different fundraising ideas
  • Make an overseas challenge or plan tours
  • Or; your talent-related competitions


Volunteering for Fluidiam is the most enjoyable way of helping animal welfare and is rewarding as well. It is confirmed that we are unable to handle such things without your support. Fluidiam’s volunteers make a huge contribution to animal welfare activities. They not only help but also promote the kindness regarding animals. You can also be a part of animal welfare activities.

What do you get in volunteering?

Sometimes participators have queries in their mind, is, what they will get after providing services as a volunteer? See, what they get after working with us;

  • Getting a sense of achievement
  • Doing something rewarding and useful
  • Developing existing skill and getting the new ones
  • A chance to try something new
  • Developing confidence and personal skills
  • Putting efforts back to the community

It is confirmed that as a volunteer, they will be able to get imperative skills in campaigning, fundraising, finance, team building, administration, computers, management and much more, the list is endless.

Volunteer criteria

We value hardworking volunteers from any section of the community. There is not a long list of requirements, anyone can be our volunteer and become Fluidiam community member.

How much time Fluidiam required?

A donner already helping us in the welfare sector by providing services. There is not a strict time from Fluidiam.